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Solaris Energy Capital has previously partnered with Caballo Loco Midstream to form Caballo Loco Marketing, LLC.  Caballo Loco Marketing is formerly engaged in providing oil and gas producers with solutions for stranded natural gas and natural gas liquids.  


Caballo Loco Marketing works with customers to install and operate temporary gas processing skids and provides full service marketing of the recovered natural gas liquids (“NGL’s”).  Caballo Loco Marketing also assists producers in marketing  gas, natural gas liquids and condensate.

Currently, focused on all areas of the Permian Basin, including the Delaware Basin and Cline, Caballo Loco Midstream, LLC is a full service midstream operating and advisory business, located in Midland, Texas.

For more information please contact Suzie Boyd at or call (832) 495-8739.

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