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Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure (“SOI”) is based in Houston, TX, and is focused on developing strategic assets and services utilized by companies engaged in the drilling and completion of oil and gas wells. The growing demand for products and services driven by the development of shale oil and gas throughout North America is creating an increasing need for infrastructure.

Solaris is addressing these changing industry dynamics through the continued deployment of Solaris’ Mobile Sand Silo Systems and development of off-rail terminals in key oil and gas basins.

The Mobile Sand Silo System is the solution for exploration and production companies seeking to enhance the efficiency of drilling and completing wells.  The Mobile Silos can be easily deployed to well-sites as integral parts of the frac fleet, providing 2.5 million pounds of proppant storage and efficient delivery of proppant to the well through a high-capacity, variable-speed dual-belt conveyor.  Solaris’ service and rental offering enable the pressure pumper and operator to improve efficiency of the hydraulic fracturing process while providing significant safety, environmental and economic benefits.

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